What is the scope of your services?

Expert Salesforce developers are free to offer a broad range of services through sfmarketpro. The power of sfmarketpro’s platform is that you have full flexibility in defining the type and scope of your service based on what you need, in collaboration with suitable experts. sfmarketpro relies on finding experts who can help you meet your project goals, and not on force-fitting your project to pre-packaged services.

I’m not able to find the right Salesforce developers for my project. Can you help?

Of course! Create a project and outline your requirements as clearly as possible. We will shortlist and invite the most relevant and suitable experts for the project. We are typically able to put you in touch with Salesforce developers within 48 hours. If you require highly specialized or niche expertise, the sfmarketpro team will also reach out to experts outside the sfmarketpro platform.

How much does the service cost?

Creating a project and reaching out to suitable experts is free. Once you get into discussions with Salesforce developer(s) you like, you will have the opportunity to finalize the expert’s fee based on the project scope and type of service. You can also get started with a limited project scope and fee. If you like the Salesforce developer’s work, continue working with him or her by expanding the scope and increasing the fee along the way.

When do I have to pay for my project?

The process to get a project started is simple and free. Create a project, and Salesforce developer’s will bid for it. You choose the expert that best suits your requirements and budget. You need to pay for the project only once you confirm and accept a Salesforce developer’s bid for your project and want work to begin. The funds you pay in will be held in your e-wallet, and paid out to the Salesforce developer once you’ve confirmed that the work has been done to your satisfaction.

How do I pay?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, JCB or Amex. You don’t need to pay to post the project, so please go ahead as soon as you’re ready so that we can start identifying the best match for your requirement.  Post project now.

How to Post a Project?

To post your project:  go to Projects > Post a Project. And follow the steps:

  1. You have to select the type of the contract is it Online or In Site.
  2. Select one category from the menu.
  3. Then Select one subcategory. 
  4. Add a name to your project.
  5. Include all the important details Salesforce developers need. 

You can use the free project management templates to add as attached file for your post project.

A few key items to consider:

  1. The scope of work. Include as many details as possible for potential Salesforce developers to consider. What exactly do you need done?  Will the Salesforce developers need to be skilled in any special technology or system?
  2. The project’s deadline. When does the work need to be done? Is this a one-time project or an ongoing relationship?
  3. Your budget. How much is this job worth to you? 
  4. As an option you can add an attached file for your project.
  5. You can Request a Cover letter from the Salesforce developer.
  6. You can Ask questions to know if the Salesforce developer can complete the project or not.

What’s fixed-rate?

  • Fixed-rate: Pay the Salesforce developer as you receive the work per milestone.

What are the posting restrictions?

When it comes posting a project on our platform, we have two basic rules — you have to hire and pay on our platform. 

With that in mind, your project might be deleted from our platform if any of these apply:

  • Commission Only 
  • Requires Unpaid Work: Any work provided has to be paid for. After hiring a Salesforce developer, you can ask for mock-ups, but you would have to pay for that work.
  • Involves Schoolwork. 
  • Need More Detail: Salesforce developers need to know what you’re looking for. Be as specific as possible. If we don’t have enough information to match you with a Salesforce developer, or at least narrow down the results, we’ll ask you to provide a bit more detail.
  • Poor Chance of Success.
  • Potential Violation: You can’t post anything that violates another company’s or our Terms and Condition.


       Payments have to be made through sfmarketpro platform.

How to communicate with Salesforce developers?

Once you receive a proposal from any Salesforce developer, the system will create a chatroom for your project.

Chatroom is a text-based communication. You can chat with your  Salesforce developers, and team members in real time or have the conversation waiting for them when they come online.

  • The chatroom divides the groups into two categories, one for Salesforce developers under interview the second one under contract category.
  • All your messages will be saved in the “room” that you have a conversation in.
  • Email notifications of messages are sent to the email account you have registered with widelinked.com by default.
  • You can attach files from your computer to upload in chatroom. Just click the paperclip icon in the message box to add.
  • Take notes directly in a personal notepad while chatting.

You can add your team members in the chat to assist you to communicate with Salesforce developers. (Adding team member from the adding people icon on the right top in the chatroom. From the dropdown menu you can select the name of the team member. You have to add the team member first in your account profile or from dashboard page to add your team members.

How to submit dispute with Salesforce developers?

Dispute is always come once the Salesforce developer request the payment from your Employer. sfmarketpro gives the employer 5 days from date of requesting the payment on finished milestone to release the payment or dipute on this invoice.

To dispute with Salesforce developers:

  1. Your Salesforce developers will request to release the payment for the finished milestone.
  2. You have two options to release the payment or dispute on the invoice.
  3. Click on dispute.
  4. The Salesforce developers will receive a notification on your dispute.
  5. You can solve the issue between you and your Salesforce developers.
  6. In case there is no any solution you can raise the dispute to sfmarketpro. We will take 3 to 5 working days to review your dispute and take action
  7. If you have the right to dispute compared to the Salesforce developers work, we will refund the milestone amount to you.
  8. If the Salesforce developers has the right to dispute compared to your employer, we will release the milestone amount to Salesforce developers.
  9. You can complete the project or end it.